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“Takoyaki Achako” is a Takoyaki restaurant.

Takoyaki is the specialty of Osaka.


Takoyaki is a snack of chopped octopus placed in a batter of flour, egg and dashi soup stock and fried.

We usually eat takoyaki with sauce and mayonnaise.

Please be careful because it is hot.


Popular best 3 in “Achako Takoyaki”

  • NO.1 Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise
  • NO.2 Green onions,salt,and mayonnaise
  • NO.3 Basil and pepper



Osaka specialties

  • cabbage and pork omelet(Tonpeiyaki) ¥500
  • Kusjikatsu  5skewer set¥550

There are many other options available

There is also a drink

  • Beer ¥480
  • Highball ¥400~
  • Shochu ¥500
  • Chuhai ¥400
  • Sake ¥500

There are many other options available

We look forward to your visit.

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